setup a mail server in opensuse11.1

i’m a newbie in opensuse and i’m success create a functional mediawiki in opensuse. after testing, i unable to receive email from mediawiki with the message email is sent. then i hv read a lot of article, i jz found i need install mail server into opensuse and i not clear with the guide to setup mail server that i found before. so can anyone show me:

  1. software list that i need to install for enable mail server
  2. full and detail steps to setup mail server or suggest some easy to understand online guide for newbie…

thank you! hope somebody can help me…


You have a choce of two servers: sendmail and postfix (there are many others, but these two are standard). Start Yast and install one of them. Yast will take care of the dependencies and may automatically include other packages needed. Then you may configure with Yast as well (section network services).

thanks vodoo! i already install the postfix, and i check the status in konsole it already running. besides that, i already set the static ip, hostname, domain name, name server 1&2 and default gateway. but i not sure the data that i key in is it correct…
so i need help…

  1. is it we can put any name for host as we like? or?
  2. i do this is for my training company, and they already have a website– and the server that company use is rent/buy with web hosting company. so can i direct be my domain name?
  3. i not very clear what should i put for name server 1 & 2. is it the ip address that i assign for this computer and default gateway? or? i hv refer to this guideThe Perfect Server - OpenSUSE 11.1 - Page 3 | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials and it din mention/show how to get it…

after that, can i know how can i make sure my mail server can run or not without testing in my mediawiki? because i scare the email in mediawiki need more setting…
hope u can help! thanks again!

anyone can help?:’(

You need to give more details. How-To Forge is an excellent resource, and if their walkthrough doesn’t help you get things running, it’s because you’re doing something out of the oridinary.

For example:

  1. Is your primary Website being hosted somewhere else? Is it a package deal that includes (as is typical) so many email accounts? If not, where is the primary mail server for “” (I’m talking about its physical location.) Do you currently have a mail server? If so, where is it at? Who maintains it?

  2. Are you hosting the entire Website yourself on this OpenSuse Machine? Or just the MediaWiki, and you want to have your main Website to “hit” your OpenSuse box when someone goes to the Wiki?

Need more info. That’s probably why you haven’t gotten a response thus far. Give as many details about your setup and what you want to do as possible.

thanks ur reply, smpoole7. i also know How-To Forge is an excellent resource,but some of the step i dun understand such as the question i ask above. so, sometime i will try to enter some data that i know which i not sure is correct or not with the part i’m entering.

my company primary website is hosted at other place and is a package deal that includes many email accounts.

the entire website not hosted by me, i jz host the mediawiki in my opensuse box and wanna the email in my mediawiki can be sent?

actually, the mediawiki website that i create now is for internal use of my training company, so not publish on www. now most function of my mediawiki is work in opensuse and computer in my company network also can access it. the only thing can’t be function is the email, when i enter the email address and save it then the system will send a email to that email address for confirmation. after that, the msg showed is email confirmation is sent, my mailbox should be get an email confirmation, but i never receive it. then i read a lot of articles and i found most of them have setup the mail server, so i’m think maybe i also need to setup it. then i try the method that i found online and it still can’t…

so, i need to continue setup mail server or not? or hv some method to link with the existing mail server?

is it enough clear or i need explain more?

If all you want to do is send mail out from a local process, then the existing postfix service which is listening on localhost:25 will do it, most of the time. Usually the issue is that your host is not allowed to send mail directly to the Internet but has to go through a relayhost. You can check if it’s failing to send out mail by looking in /var/log/mail.

If you need a relayhost, this can be set in /etc/sysconfig/postfix. variable POSTFIX_RELAYHOST. Do this edit with YaST which will reconfigure postfix, then restart it from YaST. Otherwise, from the CLI, as root, edit /etc/sysconfig/postfix setting that variable, then:

SuSEconfig --module postfix
rcpostfix reload

If you don’t know what your relayhost is, ask your sysadmin.