Settings reset after shutdown/reboot of open suse 11.3 Lxde

I installed Open Suse 11.3 LXDE from the live CD I downloaded.
My monitor settings reset to the highest resolution on every shutdown/reboot.
Other settings like my wallpaper and removing the lock screen on screensaver also reset.

Is this there anything I can do to get settings/changes I make to stay?

What video card?

I have an Nvidia MX4000 PCI 128MB RAM. I had to go through some trouble to get the downloaded driver to install and Im not sure if its actually working or not.
I was suppose to run sax2 after the install but sax2 does not run for some reason. I changed my wallpaper and shutdown again and upon rebooting I still had my wallpaper so that seems to be ok now. The resolution however is still at max.