Setting up Xdebug and PHP

Hello all, I’m using OpenSUSE 13.1 with PHP 5.4.20 and I’m trying to set up Xdebug according to these instructions. The first problem I encountered is that I have no */etc/php.ini *although I have a php.ini in 3 other locations:

# find /etc -name php.ini

So my first question is: how does php.ini work in OpenSUSE? Should I copy one of these files to /etc/php.ini? If yes, which one?

My second question is: how do I know exactly if I already have Xdebug extention installed?

And my last question is: how do I install PECL in OpenSUSE, in order to install Xdebug (if it’s not installed yet)? I found a package named php5-pecl-v8js but I guess this is not PECL itself.

Thanks for your attention once more!

I was able to install xdebug using the package php5-xdebug so PECL isn’t necessary anymore. The only question I have left is: where is my /etc/php.ini file?

Thanks to requinix from PHP Freaks, this question is now solved lol!

"That’s totally normal, leave it be: the OpenSUSE folks deliberately set up PHP to be like that so it’ll work just fine. The idea is that you can run PHP three different ways (Apache module, command-line, and using FastCGI) so it can help to have three different configurations. "

Oh, only last thing. If someone needs PECL, I was able to install it by installing the packages php5-pear and php5-devel.