Setting up wireless network.

I can’t seem to connect to my wireless network. I have a WPA\TKIP encryption and I can’t seem to find the option for that in the internet connection thing.
Could somebody help me with this please?

Gnome, kde3, kde4?

Are you using networkmanager?

I am using KDE4
and yes i did use it… but i didn’t find anything about WPA\TKIP in there… so I got confused.
Edit: The networkmanager that is.

Click the icon -> New Connection
It should offer you available connections in range. If there is nothing there, but you are in range. Maybe the wireless device is not working properly.

Tell us about the device. If it’s built in, open a terminal konsole and become su
then do

lspci -v

Post the code about your wireless

if it’s a usb device use lsusb -v

What do i do with that code?
I’m sorry i’m not too tech savvy.
And it’s built in.

Fine, I’l try to figure it out on my own.

Start - Applications - System - Terminal - Terminal/Konsole

at the prompt type:** su**
then your root password (it does not display as you type)

Then the code I gave you.

sigh (We are not personally here 24/7, so be patient, many other will as and when)