setting up webcam in lenovo y430

hi…I am using opensuse 12.1 for a long time now.My Lenovo Y430 has a built-in webcam.But it is not detected in the hardware information in yast.can anyone please help me setting it up?

Can you please send the command in a terminal:


and post here the output ?

My guess is your webcam is a ‘uvc’ compatible webcam, but it would be good to confirm that.

Can you also please send the following commands and post here the output:

dmesg | grep uvc -iA1

lsmod | grep uvc -iA1

What applications have you tried to see if the webcam works ?

Further to my above post, also ensure there is no keyboard nor hardware sequence that is necessary to switch ON the webcam. I think MS-Windows users apply a ‘Function ESC’ key sequence for that laptop. I don’t know if that is applicable to GNU/Linux: Webcam suddenly not working for Y430!! - Lenovo Community