Setting up Samba share for access with certain users

I have currently have opensuse 11.2 installed. I am trying to setup samba shares which you can only access as certain user. Currently looks like the only way I can access these share is use root username/password!

I want to which GUI I need to use to setup this up properly. And of course what setting to exactly to use.

Try activating swat from your network services (xinetd) and you will have to create a group for everybody in work group i.e department or domain normally everybody falls under (users) However you may want to assign one in addition for everyone you want to grant samba access to. In addition you will have to add each user using the smbpasswd command via terminal. I would recommend you read the following.

How To Samba With openSUSE 11.2 and Windows

There is a bunch of recipes for various share types here: Samba Server and Suse / openSUSE: HowTo Configure a Professional File Server on a SOHO LAN

For a share with access allowed to one person e…g. billy, you use the property “valid users” like so:

valid users = billy

Put that line in the stanza for the share.

For more info see the section: Special Purpose Modifications for Enhanced Privacy and/or Security

If for example you had a share called “shared” located at /home/billy/shared, an appropriate stanza in smb.conf would be:

path = /home/billy/shared
read only = no
force user = billy
valid users = billy