Setting up remote desktop (Leap 15)

How do you set up remote desktop in OpenSuse? All the info I can find on the web includes dialogs I can’t find anywhere. I have found the dialog for remote administration but nothing on remote desktop. All I want to do is be able to run desktop apps remotely.

I’ve previously been using vino on Ubuntu so I assume there is an equivalent in OpenSuse or do I need to install VNC server?



Hi, welcome

vino is available for Tumbleweed, I’ll check whether it is for Leap 15

And vino is available for Leap 15 as well.

I can quite easily go and install vino but I thought there was some sort of default VNC server in the standard install.

Btw I did try Tumbleweed but it wouldn’t boot. Seems others are having the same problem.

Did some reading, and yes, you need to setup a VNC server.

And, I’m not aware of Tumbleweed ( running it on a couple of machines ) not booting. Of course, if you search you’ll find those messages, but without a reference it’s impossible to say anything decent about that.

This Leap documentation (should still be applicable for TW) may be of value…

Appreciate the replies. After a day and a half, I got to the point where I could access the server using a VNC client but only got a black screen. I think this is due to not having the right display manager installed. Unfortunately setting up a static IP has caused loss of internet access (possbly due to a gateway issue but not sure) and reconfiguring my local network was going to cause other problems so I couldn’t make any further progress. I need to get everything up and running so I’ve had to go back to Ubuntu for now. I’m afraid I found the difficulty of finding clear documentation a little too frustrating (and also the fact that Tumbleweed would not even boot was a little troubling).


From the main openSUSE web page <;, click on “Install Leap” which will open a new tab from this URL <;.

At the top of the web page, there’s a Menu item named “Documentation” which, when clicked will open the following page: <;.

The Tumbleweed installation page also has a “Documentation” Menu item which points to the current openSUSE documentation …

There are a multitude of ways to set up TigerVNC which is the flavor of VNC installed in openSUSE, and there have also been a number of fundamental changes to VNC itself.

If you’re having problems, you should provide a link to the reference you’re using to set up VNC, and if you’re using the YaST “Remote Administration” module.

A black screen can result from a few different things, my personal experience usually has to do with screen resolution and color depth related to specific video drivers. When setting up initially, I also try connections using both the VNC client and the web browser Java client, sometimes one works fine when the other doesn’t.

BTW - I’ve posted to a number of VNC threads in the Applications and Networking forums as well, you might skim them to see what might be useful to how you’re set up.