setting up nfs in 12.3

I’m trying to set up my nfs shares between my local boxes, one is opensuse and one pclinuxos. I can ssh
between the boxes, but when I export the file systems from my opensuse
box, my other machine doesn’t see them. They’re on the same 192.168
net, so is this all internal zone (that’s not explained in the help


How did you set up NFS? Did you use the Yast NFS server module?

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I tried doing that, but there’s something not right. I can ssh from my pclinuxos box to my opensuse box, but when I go the other way, it times out. It looks like the opensuse box can’t see out at all. (Even ping doesn’t get to the pclinuxos box, so it’s not an sshd issue on it. It’s got to be something simple, but I’m not sure what to try next.