Setting up/installing LXR ng on Opensuse

Hello pals,

I see that no one here has talked about installing or setting up LXR ng on opensuse (which is the right word when it comes to LXR ng, the cross referencing tool? :slight_smile: do we set it up or do we ‘install’ it?)

For newcomers, LXR ng is an excellent tool for browsing very dense code, like the kernel source for instance. I do not have a 24h internet connection so would like to set up the tool so that I could browse the kernel source offline after having downloaded the entire source tree from

If someone has done it or at least made an attempt to do so, we could discuss about it so that together we may be able to come to accomplish the task which we would pass back to the community.

Keen to hear from you on this.


Aijaz Baig.