Setting Up Custom FTP Servers

Ok first of all hello :smiley:
I dont know were to begin to solve my problem and I have been googling for hours to get a hint without any success.

I’m runnning a Counterstrike Server on my virtual openSuse server - I’m exploring so don’t justify what I am hosting at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to make it possible to gain access to the cstrike folde via a ftp login. But I really have no idea were to start. The server is also a webserver, where I can ass FTP accounts for my apache vhosts via plesk - but I dont think this is the solution of my problem, isn’t it?

I found vsftpd very useful for accessing my webserver directories on my openSUSE box. It’s available in Yast → Software Management and documented nicely on the web via google.

Don’t know what Plesk does with the system it’s running on. I use the same as swerdna, for everything concerning ftp. Or, if ssh is available, fish://