Setting up an internet conection.|For the first time|

Hi iam new user of openSUSE iam not a big fan of linux systems but i got some bad virus on my windows and there is no way to remove it so i need to use linux some time till i find a way to remove the virus.I run a online test to see what linux distribution will be the best for my pc since i have very bad/old pc and i found this one.Everything was fine but when it come the part to get internet access it gone bad…I have adsl modem the model model is DSL-360R.This is how i create a internet access in windows.I open con.panel go to network conections and there is a local area conection icon.Right click/properties the select Internet protocol(TCP/IP) and click install i enter thoose numbers(given by my net provider) Ip address: and etc…(If you need the other numbers i will tell you.).
Then i create a new conection.I use a manual login i have username like and password like 2003.I need to get internet on my linux.I aredy called the support of my operator but thoose noobs said they dont support linux and the man was kindly and said somethink about drivers and said to try somethink with spconfig or somethink like that i dont remmber all i know it didnt worked.That is it i tell you all i know and i hope that u can help me and tell me how to create a new conection.Did i need to download some drivers if yes where to find them try to help me as simple as posilible since iam noob at this.
P.s my first impression from openSUSE> The os looks great, i love the instaled theme.
Well hope u can help.Thanks.

thehelper wrote:
> Hi iam new user of openSUSE iam not a big fan of linux systems

that is a GREAT way to start asking for help here…

> but i got
> some bad virus on my windows and there is no way to remove it so i need
> to use linux some time till i find a way to remove the virus.

so, what you are a big fan of is broken beyond easy repair and you
want us to help you out until you can fix that, then you will be gone

instead of asking us to walk you though an install, why you just run
openSUSE directly off a Live CD (no install required)…most folks
fine the internet works fine off the live cd…

or just pick up a free Live CD especially made to help Windows fans
clean their virus, see here:

there are many others available by using a google search like:
live linux disk clean windows virus

good luck…

CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]

No no nooooo…Iam not a windows fan…I just never used linux.I tryed to install ubuntu once but i just destroyed my windows and since then i didnt tryed to install anyother linux.Today i found this and i was very happy when i saw how easy this is to install.I like how this os looks and i like to stay with it for a long time.This is better than i expected.Live cd didnt load for me coz i have only 222 mb ram :frowning: and live cd wont help coz as i said i like to use this longer :slight_smile: That cd u said i aredy tryed that cd and lot of other tools from kaspersky and avg to Cyber defender and Super antispyware and none of them helped coz the virus is fud, i fight with that virus for 6 mounts and still no result so it is time to move from win. to linux.I searched on the net and this is the best linux distribution for me so i will be useing this and i need a help from you how to set up an internet conection.Internet conection is the onlything i need it right now.I can learn more about linux later but right now my problem is internet conection.
Please help.

An ADSL modem will have an ethernet link bringing in the internet, that can be used two ways:

  1. direct link to the ethernet socket in back of your computer (e.g. if you have only one computer)
  2. link to the WAN port of a router (e.g. if you have a family all wanting the internet) and then there will be an ethernet link from a LAN port on the other side of the router to your ethernet socket in back of your computer

With both configurations you should be able to plug an ethernet cable into the back of your computer and boot up automatically and receive an IP address and gateway and the DNS/name servers automatically. But in some cases you have to code in the fixed IP address (like e.g. and the gateway address (like e.g. and the DNS/name servers (e.g., just exactly like you might in windows.

This tutorial will explain more about that stuff: Configure a network card in Suse/openSUSE 11.x for Internet Access & wifi.

thehelper wrote:
> i have only 222 mb ram :frowning:

System Requirements
• Pentium* III 500 MHz or higher processor (Pentium 4 2.4
GHz or higher or any AMD64 for Intel* EM64T processor
• 512 MB physical RAM (1 GB recommended)
• 3 GB available disk space (more recommended)
• 800 x 600 display resolution (1024 x 768 or higher recom-

i strongly suggest you consider a distro made for older, less capable
hardware sets, see here:

CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]

^ ^ i tryed that but i still doesnt work.I sued the same ip from the image and added name servers from my isp provider but it still doesnt work :frowning:
^I installed it and it works fine.It is not slow for me.I will consider the alternatives but at this moment iam happy with this one.I like it…The other distributions are not with quality as this one.

Use an IP that matches your modem, could easily be different from the IP in the picture

Done.I have internet now.Thanks for the help :slight_smile: