setting up ad hoc wireless network

hi guys,
im having a problem setting up ad hoc wireless network between two suse boxes,
using netwrok manager, i was about to smash the box twice

it seems i do something wrong in the steps or something idk
so anyway can any one tell me the step to do that?

im using gnome

note: im a linux rookie

See the thread You’ve set up in the network forum section :stuck_out_tongue:

Best regards,

thank u very much it really helped,
but there is something i dont know wether it is right or not
the connection is established and all things are fine,
and when i ping the both boxes they respond to each other, BUUUUUUT
when i navigate to networks i dont find the other box the only thing i find is “network places”
and when i try to access(open) it, error msg appear telling me “failed to mount files from server”
also i can’t share files on the connection

so if u can help me about that i would really appreciate it