setting up ad hoc wireless connection

hi guys,
im having a problem setting ad hoc wireless network between two opensuse boxes, using network manager, every time im about to smash the box, maybe im doing something wrong in the steps or something idk

so if anyone could post how to set up ad hoc connection, i would be very thankful

note: im a linux rookie



Did You try using this guide ?
You have to modify it a bit as NetworkManager has a slightly different interface in openSUSE but generally it should work for You. If You want to share an internet connection using ad hoc You have to install dnsmasq package as well.

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i replied on that in wireless section and i will do it again here :smiley:

there is something i dont know wether it is right or not
the connection is established and all things are fine,
and when i ping the both boxes they respond to each other, BUUUUUUT
when i navigate to networks i dont find the other box the only thing i find is “network places”
and when i try to access(open) it, error msg appear telling me “failed to mount files from server”
also i can’t share files on the connection

so if u can help me about that i would really appreciate it

thanks -again-

You have to set up some mechanism of file sharing. Please start a new thread on this problem.

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