Setting up a (pre-exisiting) Windows VPN


I’ve recently installed openSUSE 12.1, and am currently running it as a dual-boot with Windows 7, which came with my computer. A VPN shortcut exists on the Windows partition in order for my computer to connect to the network at school. I have (but will not list for obvious reasons) a number of IPv4 adresses associated with the VPN, and have been trying to configure the network so that I can abandon Windows altogether.

I have (from the properties window in Win7):

  • Address

  • Destination Address

  • Subnet Mask

  • DNS Servers

  • Client Address

  • Server Address (I have a feeling that this is the gateway)

To confuse things further, I also get a different address when I view the `details’ part of the window. For clarity, I am running openSUSE 12.1 with GNOME 3.2, and am simply using the network connection option on the top bar. I have attempted trial and error; some addresses seem to work but then the connection times out, so no joy so far. Could somebody please tell me which addresses go in what field? A series of terminal commands would also be helpful if that’s your way of doing things.



Is the VPN created and maintained by a Windows VPN client program? Those parameters are probably automatically discovered by the VPN client. If so I don’t see how you could get a connection from openSUSE without running an equivalent VPN client (if the protocol used is supported) on Linux. There is no “pre-existing” VPN connection when Windows is not running. Without knowing what VPN protocol is used by your school, that cannot be answered.