Setting up a new NFS connection to NAS using NFSv4

I am using Yast to set up an NFS client connection to my NAS (Qnap).

I have created the shared subdirectory on the NAS, enabled NFSv4 and given rw permission to myself using the NAS tool.

On Yast>NFS Client I have created a new NFS share and this appears to work OK but when check the NFS Settings tab I have a question concerning Enabling GSS Security. Do I enable this? There is not much info in help and it also suggests I might need my NFSv4 Domain Name. There is also a warning that the Firewall not configurable … -nfs (Not available). These services must be defined in order to configure the firewall. OK I have nfs as an allowed service in my firewall but at no point have I been asked to enter the password for the NAS so I am seeking guidance please.

Have a read in the documentation what GSS Security is about:

Nice that you think that system knows who you are. But I guess it only knows some user id.

Hi Hui,
From what I have read the NFSv4 Domain Name can be anything, not necessarily DNS domain name but it must be the same on both client and server. With these set up at each end it would answer my question on pw but…
This is slightly different from the info from the link you quoted which suggests that DNS must be up and running as NFSv4 uses reverse lookup.
Furthermore I have not yet found what this is set to on the NAS.
Still reading but not there yet. If you have more please let me know.

Clearly I don’t need GSS security as I would need to set up Kerberos system etc and that is well beyond my pay grade.

The Qnap instructions are not quite consistent between pages but I have been able to set up a connection to a specific machine, ie the machine I am typing on, and can write a file to the NAS. I assume both systems are using the NVSv4 domain name “localserver.” Not cool but probably how it is working at present.

I still have not set up a local DNS on my lan but now may be the time to do this and use the NAS as it is relatively stable and works mainly in the background which is what I want from server here.