setting up a network between Windows XP, Windows 7 opensuse


I need some advise about setting up a wireless network, never had to do this before. My partner has just purchased a fancy laptop, which will have windows7. I have a desktop with two hard drives one with Opensuse 11.2 64 bits, the other with Windows XP. At present my box is connect directly via cable to the netgear DG834Gv2 router, that comes with me ISP… May questions are;

  • can i have my box cabled to the router at the same time as using the router to connect the laptop by wireless?
  • Does Suse have a program for setting up such networks?
    I have the feeling this could be a bit of a challenge.

Cheers, Keith

Yep, this router has 4 LAN ports and integrated wireless. The only thing required is to configure the netgear router and then the laptop can use the internet concurrently with the desktop (sharing available bandwidth).

Which ones? If you simply want internet access on both the desktop (no matter the OS) and on the laptop then like mentioned before all you should need to do is visited the web interface of the router and set it up for wireless access. (usually this means settings the security type to WPA2 and entering a passphrase, then on the laptop you find the SSID of your router, click the network and enter the same passphrase)

So basically if all you want is wireless internet access on your partners laptop then your desktop has nothing to do with it and you’re probably better off asking for help on a more general forum (as this has nothing to do with openSUSE in that case).