Setting Task Manager clock from 12 to 24 hrs

How do I set the Task Manager clock from 12 to 24 hrs in KDE?

You cannot at the moment. The alternatives are to use the fuzzy clock or the analogue clock.

why do you think this, I just changed mine (though it took a kde restart to display as changed)

Which clock are you using and how did you do it? There is no option in my configuration dialogue to do this.

note: I’m not running 4.4 so I might be off

kde4.4 syemsettings -> system admin -> region and accessibility -> time and dates

kde 4.5rc2 systemsettings -> common appearance -> locale -> country/region -> time & dates -> time format

note: may need to restart kde for it to take effect

Thanks, Will see if it takes effect next time I log in.