Setting Sansa MTP player to show as Media Device

I’m using OpenSUSE-11.4+KDE and have not been able to access my Sansa Express drive. I can pull it up part way, but it acts as read only. I’m not sure what settings I may need to make in the Partitioner to fix this…

If I boot into a LiveCD of LinuxMint10-KDE and plug it in it is instantly identified as a “Media Device,” and I have access into the MTP section of it I believe.

I prefer using Banshee, but will use Dolphin to manual drop files it I can get the Sansa drive to operate as with Read+Write.

I’ve seen this device listed here at “plug and play”

Thank you!

I fixed the issue.

I had an fstab entry mounting the player in /tmp, so I commented that out.

Then I could mount it in /media/disk, but it was still read only.

After reformating it as vfat in Partitioner and removing it and reinserting it, it is now writable!

There shouldn’t be a fstab entry anyway