Setting Mouse Options Without xorg.conf?

HI Gang,

I just installed 11.2, and discovered when I went to setup my Logitech Marble Trackball, that there was no /etc/X11/xorg.conf file. After some Googleing, I created one using sax2, Edited it to add the appropriate parameters to enable scrolling using the ball, and all works great.

My question is if there is a more “correct” way to change the parameters, as the mouse parameters are obviously stored somewhere on the machine.

BTW, for those with a Marble Trackball, all you need to know about the xorg.conf setup can be found here:

Logitech Marble Mouse - ArchWiki

Thanx in advance, and Happy Holidays!

Latest versions of X do not need xorg.conf file to run. Instead, they use other means of getting necessary device information to run. It is mostly probing and hotplugging.

You can still use xorg.conf and customize whatever you want. X will use xorg.conf if it exists. You may use the following command to generate the default xorg.conf file for your configuration.

X -config

(You may not able to use sax2 in the future because sax2 development may be stopped).

In the case of Logitech Marble Mouse, you may use the input hotplugging and specify your customized settings in the policy file. That way, you may not need to create a xorg.conf file.

Exactly what I needed to know-there is even an fdi file for the Marble given further down in the Wiki.

Thanx! :nerd: