Setting IP inofrmation on installation

While installing I noticed a bug for version 15.4 when entering a static IP information there is no entry for the gateway. Once the information is entered there is no Gateway after installation which can be corrected by placing the gateway on the network setting.

@compis Hi, it is, just in a different place from where you add the ip address, last tab on the right…

I do not see it on 15.4.

Complete network configuration is also possible when booting the installation media, adding it to the kernel cmdline as with ordinary boot options like quiet or nomodeset, explained on SDB:Linuxrc.

The gateway should be present for installation as this makes the IP configuration incomplete.

Can bugs e reported on this forum?

No, this forum is run by regular users just like you.

There is nothing to report. You could start with reading documentation which - surprise - shows the word Routing exactly on the last tab on the right (granted, it is not the same dialog where you set IP address …):

I think you are confusing the routing table which Is not active by default. You are the second person to give the wrong answer.

There should be a Gateway not routing. But feel free to point me to the documentation you claimed to of viewed.

@compis it’s been in that location for ever, since it is related to routing, especially if have multiple interfaces… anyway, wicked is deprecated, use NetworkManager even on Leap would be a good move.

Care to explain the difference?

I found it thanks.
It has a - in the field by default for some reason.