Setting environmentals - profile.local or profile.d/ ?

Been awhile since I re-visited this, since forever I’ve followed the suggestion in /etc/profile not to modify the file but to create a “/etc/profile.local” file that contains my customizations.

This time, while doing that I took a closer look at /etc/profile.d/ because recently in CentOS I’ve had to create a file in that directory for my customizations (/etc/profile.local is not supported there).

So, my curiosity has been piqued…
Are there any reasons for supporting both methods?
One I can think of might be is that /etc/profile.local is the legacy openSUSE method while perhaps /etc/profile.d/ might be an expected location for enterprise management tools.

So, am hoping that there isn’t any discussion ever about deprecating either method despite the consequence that settings might not be exactly where one expects…