seti @ home [BOINC]

I was looking for a team to join but it seems all the suse Teams are old / outdated or have no members ? With the only active team being SuSe Linux (pre opensuse)

Anyone wanna start a opensuse team ??

seen my sig ?


no :slight_smile: but ok :slight_smile:

check deltaflyer’s siganture!

SETI Team - forums.suselinuxsupport
Einstein Team - forums.suselinuxsupport

./joined :slight_smile:

cool, the more the merrier


Why look to the stars when there are many unexplained green creatures of the New York sewers?

I like S@H, too.


I am having a problem. I am running BOINC on suse 11, KDE 3.5. The problem is the BOINC/seti client is not starting when I boot my computer. I have to manually start it everytime. I don’t want to do that, I lose valueable processing time. Can yo help?


Use a cron job, there is a FAQ on the site how to start it (well there
use to be…) Else you can add it to your .kde/Autostart directory.

Remember to use the full path to the application(s) when using cron.

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