set up LUKS after installed opensuse 13.2

just installed opensuse 13.2 on a notebook

can i set up the LUKS now - or is it to late?

want to secure the notebook so that the whole harddrive is secure

is this doable

is it hard to do ?

I think you have to set up a non-encrypted /boot partition, and then an encrypted partition for root. Seems like something you’d need to do at install time.

You can set home to be encrypted (not with luks) but ti do the whole machine I’d reinstall and do it right.

You will need a separate boot then I’d use an encrypted LVM container with the partitions defined inside. If you use separate partitions then you need a different password for each. Putting all in a LVM makes it easy.

Note you want at least 500 meg for the boot partitions since you can have up to 3 kernels and support files in /boot at any given time. So you need to leave room.

Every thing Gogalthorp wrote is correct.
Another consideration is if you are using UEFI you will also need an unencrypted 200 meg “/boot/efi” partition (fat format).