set same default gateway per both interfaces using ifup-method in YaST

Keepin’ my adventure with 13.1 ARM JeOS running on the CuBOX-i4 PRO.
Keep in mind: all my connections are statically IP assigned.
So, having no X server running and neither any kind of GUI, I set up my wlan0 connection via ifup-method in YaST2 ncurses interface.
Everything is working fine, but for external connectivity I need to set the default gateway to my modem/router’s IP, which is ok for the wlan0 connection.
But when it come for eth0, I cannot assign the same gateway IP, because in YaST I can get the routing only for one interface.
How can I get both wlan0 and eth0 connect to internet, sharing same gateway?

First, it’s bad form to configure more than one DG. Only one should be configured, no more.
But, you can configure additional “gateways,” ie routers.

As I’ve mentioned in other threads, it’s important that if you configure multiple interfaces that can connect to the Internet, you should be careful not to actively use both at the same time. You must be careful to disconnect one interface by physical means (eg pull the plug, flip the hardware switch) or software (eg use rfkill).

If you’re not able to configure in YAST, you should be able to configure by command line using the “route” command.