Set post-grub, pre-GUI resolution?

Any option to set the resolution after the Grub screen? I got an old TFT hooked up to my server (Acer AL707) and it, or the tuner that’s in between the monitor and videocard can’t handle whatever resolution it is using at that time.
Not too pretty if something goes wrong as I’ll have the drag my normal desktop monitor over to the server to be able to see what is wrong.

So is there any option to set it? Whatever grub is using is fine, and 1280x1024 is fine as well (it’s the monitors native resolution)

openSUSE 11.1, KDE 4.1

[EDIT] Doh… this is so the wrong forum, guess I’ll pm a mod

Can’t you just remove the vga entry from the boot options, so it uses a default terminal resolution?

kernel /vmlinuz- root=/dev/System/Root resume=/dev/disk/by-id/ata-WDC_WD2500JS-75NCB3_WD-WCANKL034528-part5 splash=silent showopts vga=0x375

Removing the vga=0x375 used to work for me, but I’ve not tested it recently. That’s a code to set 1600x1200 SVGA mode. If you google, you can find the linux vga codes and set a mode like 800x600 or 1024x768 for example.

Moved to install/boot


Perhaps this will help: Custom splash screen - openSUSE. For the bootsplash to work you need 3 things all in sync:

  1. On the kernel a vga= statement with framebuffer resolution that the vesa framebuffer in your graphics device supports. The command “hwinfo --framebuffer” will tell you what modes the device video bios reports that it supports (which btw is not always 100% accurate). You need to use a 16-bit resolution.

  2. A matching bootsplash jpg within the opensuse theme which matches that resolution.

  3. The initrd having been created specifying that same resolution.

Hope that helps.

I’ll give the suggestions a try after I sorted another problem… as a reboot atm means many hours downtime.