Set default user as root

I’m using OpenSuSE 11 from last 2 days, and I’ll be the only person to use my computer.
Whenever I try to copy or move or perform any action to any files, system shows message “permission denied”. So like in windows, is it possibe to set default user as root, or give “root” rights to my default user?


Linux is not like Windows OS :wink:

Have a read of this first :slight_smile:

You can always logout and then login as root user from the login screen.

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Is this all files or just specific files. Like stated below Linux is not like windoze and should NEVER be run as root.
Use su or sudo as shown in the linked page.


Hi there,
I’ve one user “creative”, and through that user whenever I try to perform any action (copy/cut/paste) to ANY file, I’m geting the message “Permission Denied”.
When I try to perform the same action by loging in as “root”, >su root, I’m able to perform the action without any problem.
So, my question is, how to give permission to perform the actions for the user other than “root”?
I tried to update Groups, but could not make it work.

Thanks in advance.

You have more than 1 user??

  1. user1
  2. user2

You may not have given permission for user1 to access user2

There is no need for root and it’s a BAD idea.

Manage your users in Yast

Sounds like there is a permission problems… can you describe an
example of what you are try to copy/paste too?

Also what is the output from opening a console/konsole session;

ls -la /home

What happens if you create a temporary test user via YaST and login, do
you have the same problem?

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