set date&time in suse11.2 m7

Anyone,please tech me!
I have a trouble in suse11.2 m7.Every time on boot,system time is set up to hardware time plus 9 hour.I live in Japan and the difference with UTC is right 9 hour. I have not ever experienced such a thing in SUSE.
I have to set up to UTC or NTP ?

sorry for my English.Best Regards.

To get around it quickly, enable NTP through Yast. That would solve matters about date and time. It’s configuration is very simple, a couple of clicks, done. On reboot it will contact the NTP server for the right date and time.

This bug may be related to this one

Can you check you BIOS time is correct?

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I had this one 2

:’(Thanks your replies.
I have tried every means.After all I give up.I think that simple and steady is best on fundamental functions.I expect M8!

See you again.

In M8, this problem is cleared.
But you need to re-run mkinitrd after install.

for your information !

No, on M8 this problem remains. On my system (Germany) I’m two hours ahead after every reboot. Bios time is set correctly before bootin openSUSE 11.2
Please fix this bug.

Thank you,

Gargi, this forum is a user-staffed & populated forum. There is no guarantee a developer will see anything you write here. I can understand your frustration with this bug (I have suffered from the same bug) but this is not the place to ask for bugs to be fixed.

Bugs should be reported at Novell’s bugzilla bug tracker

The same login you use for the openSUSE forums will work there. To fix your problem for now you need to run
mkinitrd as superuser/administrator.

Further to ReferenceSeete’s post, there is guidance here on how to submit a bug report: Submitting Bug Reports - openSUSE

Ah okay. So I’ll look this evening if there is already a bugzilla report, otherwise I’ll start a new one :wink:


Just to confirm that the described problem persists in 11.2M8 but the above mentioned solution fixes it.

Actually there is a bug report for this problem. It is here:

If you have not already run mkinitrd then please attach the following files to your comment on that bug:


I’m going to reinstall M8 so that I can also attach those files. Hopefully with a few sets of files to look at the developers can find a permanent fix.

After studing bugzilla :stuck_out_tongue: I have added a report.


oops … I have seen your posting too late. Hmmm… using the search function I was not able to find that ticket.

I have closed my duplicated report and attached the files. But the /etc/adjtime is missing on my system. Maybe this is one cause of the bug?