Session keeps locking+Screen brightness

Hello, I have used Ubuntu for a while now, and just switched to openSUSE 11.1, but I haven’t mastered everything yet (obviously).

After logging on, my screen will stay bright for around 15-20 seconds and then go to dimmest setting. After I adjust the settings back to bright, it will stay for 2-3 seconds and then go back to dim.

The other issue is that it will just lock the screen like after resuming from a screensaver and I have to enter the password to get back in… it says, “Session locked by (Username)”

Please help!

As for the locking issue I am able to help. Just follow my instructions:

Move to K Menu (left bottom, a button with the Suse logo on it) → Configure Desktop, choosing the Advanced tab, then select the Desktop settings.
Under tab screensaver there should be an option that says “prompt for password to resume”. Try unchecking this box and see if that fixes it…

If not, move into the Advanced tab again, then select power management.
Under General settings there you´ll find an option that says “Lock screen on resume”. Uncheck this one as well.

Hope it helps.