Services on startup

When I run: “systemd-analyze blame”, I get

7.350s lvm2-monitor.service
6.305s apparmor.service
6.130s btrfsmaintenance-refresh.service
5.771s smartd.service
4.558s initrd-switch-root.service
3.912s display-manager.service
3.718s systemd-udevd.service
3.530s rsyslog.service
3.399s postfix.service
2.398s firewalld.service
1.730s nscd.service
1.422s ModemManager.service
1.260s dracut-initqueue.service
980ms sshd.service


I’d like to mask/disable the following services:

  • lvm2-monitor.service
  • btrfsmaintenance-refresh.service
  • postfix.service


  1. I do not use raid nor brtfs, I only use ext4 + swap
  2. I don’t use postfix (at least not knowingly)

Is it safe to mask/disable these services?

Thank you

If you are not using any LVM, and are not using any “btrfs” then it is probably safe to mask or disable those two. Note, however, that if you plug in an external drive that uses “btrfs” or “lvm” then you might need them at that time.

In my case, I use a disk encryption which is using an encrypted LVM. So I need those.

As for “postfix” - it is probably used for system generated email (messages about errors sent to root by the system).

Thank you very much. Done.