Service for user ... that does not exist?


Just restarted the firewall via service manager cough* and saw on my way there is a service running for a user 435 which I don’t know

and the user manager in YaST doesn’t know him, too

What did I miss here?

Most likely the Set Filter option. A quicker way to find out:

grep 435 /etc/passwd

Installed a non openSUSE package that adds a system user (less than 1000) that is not defined by openSUSE.

Hi Knurpht!

grep 435 /etc/passwd

…gives no output at all.

Hi Malcolm!

It’s plain vanilla TW KDE from 2018 with Mozilla repo (and the security repo for the latest firewalld added yesterday, see thread in “Networking”). It does nothing else but Firefoxing the whole day nothing manually installed…

On a second TW the latest firewalld installation did not result in a new user.

Any way to find out what/who created this user? :slight_smile:

What does the following show?

genent passwd | grep 465

The user ID from the first image you shared showed 465 (not 435).

OMg, you are totally right! Now I get:

grep 465 /etc/passwd
sddm:x:465:466:SDDM daemon:/var/lib/sddm:/bin/false
vnc:x:464:465:user for VNC:/var/lib/empty:/sbin/nologin

The user for the VNC server running on the machine?

Please, calm down and relax. Read, read again and reread before you jump to conclusions.

Uid 465 has username sddm.

I don’t have this user on other TW installs. So what is it for? :slight_smile:

It says so in the comment in that line.

Are you going to ask that about all the ~40 users defined in /etc/passwd?

System users are created on-demand now. So on other TW installs you did not install package that needed this user.

No, only for this user, as it has an active service (see opening post). Finally and in the end, what I get from the output: It’s for the user for the vncserver running.

I would assume that “sddm” is the user for running the “sddm” display manager. Maybe some other software also runs as that user.

In any case, user “sddm” does exist here (on Leap 15.1 system), but not process is currently running as that user (I’m using “lightdm” for displaymanager).

Hi! Thanks for input, I have no idea where sddm came into play, only “special” feature on the box is a VNC server (manually setup, not via YaST), the rest is ootb TW+KDE :slight_smile:

Because you asked what UID 465 is for (well you actualy asked for 435 :().

Then people asked you to check in /etc/passwd and you posted:

sddm:x:**465**:466:SDDM daemon:/var/lib/sddm:/bin/false

(the bold is mine).
For some reason, you again read wrong and blamed user vnc, but that one is UID 464.

It is you that introduced VNC here with no reason as far as I can see.