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i’m trying to find out an answer for a question but i couldn’t find out.
What is the default value for ServerKeybits in ssh v2? (Or if you know any commanda to check the default value or the value assigned)

If these two parameters are commented, the ServerKeybits parameter has any importance?

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Believe your answer is here


2.6 - What are these warning messages about key lengths

Commercial SSH’s ssh-keygen(1) program contained a bug which caused it to occasionally generate Pubkey Authentication (RSA or DSA) keys which had their Most Significant Bit (MSB) unset. Such keys were advertised as being full-length, but are actually, half the time, smaller than advertised.

OpenSSH will print warning messages when it encounters such keys. To rid yourself of these message, edit your known_hosts files and replace the incorrect key length (usually “1024”) with the correct key length (usually “1023”).

I would guess that to check anything it’s not too difficult to simply generate a new set of SSH keys on your local machine. In OpenSUSE, there is no differentiation between a Server or Desktop release.


Thanks Tony.
This answers my second question.