Seriuos help needed

Hi community,

Thanks to everyone who has got linux this far it is a beauty to see and again to be a part of. been waiting for this day that suse becomes stronger and it has time to convert from MS. Doing the whole office but just need to get my head around the upgrade first.

All systems are the same. Windows XP installs with NTFS hard drive with 3 partitions.

None have dvd/cd roms.

Trying to create an install from a usb hard drive (WD 80GB), which has been formatted with FAT32.

Have used the install from the hard drive once extracted, but when logged out of windows and restarted and chose the opensuse boot option the "dos looking install opens and i tell it where the source is but it says something is wrong with the source “corrupt or something”.

Have redownloaded it still no luck.

Moved onto UnetBootin, i use my iso for it to install the information to the USB hard drive. After reboot, it says NTLDR is missing press anykey to reboot.

Why? Is it because linux is booting the install but cant read of the c: drive because it is still in NTFS?

please help it has been days!

Just want to intall suse from a usb drive.

Thank you.

Ok, i have converted the c: to fat32 still same ntldr missing error???

Searched google no help thinkinh i need to add a link in the ntl boot text???

if so what is the link?code?address?

thank you

need to buy suse linux, just wanted to see if i can get it to work before hand with open suse. Does the other version support what im trying to do better?

I’ve never done this, so I’m not familiar with the process, and I know it can be problematic from reading others accounts. Anyway, in absence of any other replies, I did a quick google and came up with these tutorials:

How to Install SUSE to a USB Hard Drive | USB Pen Drive Linux

How to install Linux to an External USB hard disk | USB Pen Drive Linux

Successfully installed on external usb drive - openSUSE Forums

linspire6.0: Installing SuSE on External USB Drive

(The list is endless). I would suggest having a quick read of them to see if there’s anything you missed along with any useful tips that might make this work for you. Thats how I would approach it.

Is using a USB thumb drive with the Live ISO not an option? You should just be able to install it straight with unetbootin, and if that doesn’t work there are a few workarounds - but it certainly sounds easier unless there’s a specific reason you need to do it this way.

This is the problem. All the info on google i can find is based on trying to:


I do not want to do this. I am trying to install suse directly to my laptops and PC, but none have dvd/cd players.

So i need to get the install information onto the usb HD so i can install from usb like you would on cd…? i know i can go buy a ext dvdrom for £30 but it is waste, i will never use it again.

This is what you need;
SuSE install
from USB drive
also have a look here

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I’m not trying to be obtuse, although it might seem like it. :slight_smile:

The point is that if you put the Live ISO on a USB stick, you can then install it from that USB stick onto a hard drive. The only reason I can see that you wouldn’t want to do it this way (if indeed it is possible on your hardware), is if you need to use the DVD iso instead of the Live one.

It certainly is possible to do it the other way, I’m just trying to clarify that you do have this option.

Thank you sir.

I was using the dvd iso. trying it with the livecd, just thought that for booting the os from the usb not installing. will try now.

WOW… i have been missing out, this is beautiful!

Livecd is booting from usb, so its teasing the hell out of me. Want windows off my laptop now going to read through what mr lewis has left me to look through.

cant beleive people are still using windows, going to move everyone i know over. only reason you wouldnt is if you where a hardcore gamer.

Thank you

Ok all coming together now.

Now i have livecd working, i can use the linux step by steps to get it to install from the usb. Trouble before was i only had xp to work with.

So with both your help looks like i might have it installed in a very soon.

Will suse be just as fast installed on the harddrive?

Generally a installed version is faster than a live-cd. I was also thinking if all the pc’s in question have access to a network with internet a network installation might be an option if the live-cd method is causing problems. I installed opensuse on my Acer Aspire One using this method and the same should apply for a pc without a cd-rom drive.

The section 1 and 2 should be the for all pc’s

Have a look here -> Acer Aspire One

Have fun…

> Will suse be just as fast installed on the harddrive?

it will be faster!


Glad you got it working. I suffered the same confusion (heh - it’s my destiny) when first coming across live CDs and trying to work out what they were for.

I suppose it’s partly that the idea is quite alien to the Windows way of looking at things. I think also with centralised development, you get less redundancy, so you might expect the DVD, if it is for installing, to be just for installing, and the live CD, if it is for running live, to be just for running live.

The hackish (in a good way) nature of Linux means that lots of things end up converging and overlapping in function. It can be a bit of a kick in the teeth to the Unix one tool for one job philosophy, but it has its advantages.

Anyway, welcome, and have fun!

[Oh, and speed wise, flash is inherently faster at seek, and (usually) slower at data transfer. In practise, as stated, the installed environment will be much more responsive than a Live USB (or CD for that matter)]

Have unrar’d the iso to the usb drive, just have to make it bootable. livecd doesnt have syslinux so going to leave that project for them moment and try the netinstall.

should i install the iso with netbootin? to the usb drive?

If you’re trying to use the live ISO, you don’t need to do any of that.

You just install unetbootin in Windows, then point it to the ISO, pick the USB stick, and hopefully you’re away.

If that doesn’t boot, try deleting config.isoclient in the root of the stick, and copying config.gnome.isoclient or config.kde.isoclient (depending on which ISO you’re using) and renaming the copy config.isoclient. That worked for me.

Although I’m not sure how far you’ve got…

In your earlier post I thought you said the USB stick was booting. If it is, it should be as simple as clicking the desktop icon that says ‘install’…

ok guys, I must be dumb :frowning: I got the netwrok install to work fine. But i get an error during install, it has to do with the formatting, as i have ntfs partitions evrwhere.

So i made a winxp install from usb again. Just used the psrtitioning software at the start of the install then rebooted.

Was up alll last night trying to get the unetboot partion program to work, but it kept closing. i have deleted the partitions, but now im trying to boot the network install from usb again it doesnt work.

can someone tell me how to do it? thanks.

oh and im on the other computer ow using vista. **** going be hard wippig all these machines down.

I’m a bit confused as to actually what you’re trying now.

Correct me if I’m wrong why don’t you use the livecd that boots from the flashdrive to install on your hdd?

As for netinstall I would of thought the process for booting would be the same as the flashdrive for the livecd, but speculate.