Serious problem

Hello, I got the serious problem after update my opensuse 11.2, after update the message appeared and said restart my machine to updates take effect and after restart system doesn’t boot GUI workspace it boot into text like space named “Emerald - Kernel - desktop (tty1)”.
What can I do to boot my machine into GUI again?

thank you

Try the command:


If you updated the kernel and you had one of the proprietary video drivers installed (NVIDIA,ATI,etc) you will need to reinstall it.

As a temporary measure you can switch to the vesa driver.

at the boot screen type a 3 then boot

log on as root at the CL (Command Line) and type

sax2 -m 0=vesa (note that is a zero not a upper case o)

init 5

to start the GUI
note you will not have any 3D effects!!!
reinstall your video driver then reboot


Hi. Please, next time you have a problem, whether serious or not, try to be more specific in the subject.

Yes after I read foresthill’s comment I boot into failsafe mode and reinstall my video driver and everythings came back to normal, thanks to you and foresthill