Serious memory leak in Firefox 17.0.2esr

Tested this update for a couple of days, it ended up eating the entire RAM with 4 youtube tabs open.
When it reaches the limit, it’s trying to eat more and that slows down the entire system to a crawl.
Was running with no flash, pure html5 without any plugins.

Rolled back to 10.0.12 from the same source (mozilla ftp) and it seems stable enough.

Firefox is up to version 18 already. What openSUSE version are you using and why not do a full system update? In KDE do this:

  1. Go to YaST (Enter Root Password) / Software / Software Management and select Options and check Allow Vendor Change.
  2. Again, still in Software Management select Package / All Packages / Update if newer version available and press the **Accept **button on the bottom right.

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Currently openSUSE 12.2 with latest-10.0esr, but it only leaks with 17.0.2.
Not using the rpm from the repos as it seems rather unstable, there are problems such as this for example.

IMHO the vast majority here simply use Fx from the standard non-OSS repo and the Update-non-OSS repo. This was updated to 18.0 a short while ago. Nobody here reported your memory leak with any of those versions. Thus I guess that the only advice that you will see here is: use the Fx that comes standard with openSUSE 12.2. Or at least test if you can recreate your problem with it.

I wasn’t aware it’s actually non-OSS. Anyway, esr version is used in SLED so I just thought it might be relevant to openSUSE in some way.
Posted it to make sure it’s been looked into before the latest esr is included into a standard SLED update pool.

In that case you are completely wrong here. These are the openSUSE forums. The SLES/SLED forums are at:

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