Serious help needed on installation

Keep in mine I am new to all of this open source; linux; unbuntu stuff so please bare with me.
My boyfriend downloaded openSUSE today, we put the iso on a disk and then pretty much just inserted it immediately after.
I am sure that was a terrible mistake since he had no idea what he was doing… plus his computer seems to be completely messed up.

on the screen it says
booting GRLDR…
turning on gate a20… success
starting cmain()…

That’s it. it hasn’t done anything else in almost two hours.
I really just need to know what to do. what steps were missed and how to fix this. We are working with a Toshiba laptop. Any help will be wonderful.

Do you think you could maybe provide a more detailed description of what happened.

What did you download?
Where did you download it from?
How did you transfer it to disk (please describe in full detail)?

Did you check the check sums for the ISO?

I downloaded it from the site using uTorrent and I wrote the .iso to a disk using some program I downloaded awhile ago (it extracts files, burns iso files and compresses files too.)
I really have no idea where to go from here so…:\

OKay, let’s start with the burning program. Try using Nero. Burn the ISO as a bootable image. The program you used, probably messed it up.

I figured it out, thanks though. When the computer started I simply had to push F12 and it took me where I needed to be. It’s installing now and it’s still on one percent. How long does the install generally take if I’m using this as my main OS.

oops, spoke too soon. I am getting an error when trying to install. There is an error partitioning the hard disk. It says “operation not permitted on disk /dev/sda !”. It’s telling me to “delete partion table and disk label” but where/how do I do that?

The advice already given should be seriously considered before continuing,

DO NOT “delete partition table and disk label” without seeking further advice here

faith floyd wrote:
> oops, spoke too soon.

it sounds a lot like you may have a corrupted install disk…

  1. did you get your install image from ? (then where?)
  2. did you check the md5sum of the downloaded iso?
  3. burn the disk as slow as you can?
  4. use good media?
  5. do this before install attempt?

if you answered “no” (or “don’t know”) to any of those then see the
following cites:

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The advice already given should be seriously considered before continuing,

This can be read in a way not intended

It should read like this,

You should seriously consider using the advice already offered before doing anything else.

My other line reads as intended.

So am I correct in thinking the boot method is slightly unorthodox (although not uncommon) since:

booting GRLDR…
turning on gate a20… success
starting cmain()…

relates to grub4dos as distinct from straight grub used by openSUSE?

Could we go back a couple of steps faith_floyd?

  1. When you boot this CD of yours, does it start with a green patterned screen that says something along the lines:

“openSUSE Welcome”?

  1. When and if it gets past that screen, does it give you a menu of options such as:

openSUSE Live (KDE)
Check Installation Media
Boot from Hard Disk
Memory Test

or something else? If so what?


That GRLDR stuff is probably because the CD was not burnt in image mode, but as a CD containing files, but with a DOS boot loader thrown in.