Sequencers squeak in tumbleweed

I made a fresh install of opensuse tumbleweed (labeled as 13.3) last weekend on my pc that has a gigabyte fm2+/fm2 motherboard and an a-10 7850k amd processor.
However most of times I used musescore or qsynth, using pulseaudio or alsa as output, every played note sounds with an annoying metallic squeak. (There are times when this doesn’t happen. There are times when I change the volume of the software the squeak disappears. But there are times when it doesn’t. And if it disappears at some section at the next start it’s there. Also most of times the metallic squeak is there.)
The only way I found to avoid the squeak is using jack as output. When I use jack I get a clear sound. However the issue is that I’ve been obligated to use jack. Even when I want to output my sequencer through alsa I can’t.
Can anyone help me, please?