September 2009 Screenshot Thread

Not much things changed since from last month.](](](](](

I’m about to go blind getting this just how I want it after a new install but here is September… Apparently “Double-wides” don’t display well in the BB code. Oh Well](](](


The relative video:

My first SUSE screenshot

I really like that wallpaper. Is it public?

Try imagebam next time for screenshots. They want to limit the screenshot to thumbnails. Use the BBCode when you link it.

Really nice video fecam!

Just a basic desktop, trying to show some gnome support](

Gnome + BatDog!](

thanks! :slight_smile:

Sorry about the large post.

here is the wallpaper though:

Well, they finally made KDE4 look the same as Vista! Well done lads ;).

But all fun aside, see if you can tell the difference -](](

That is a very nice theme. Is that the port for KDE for mac4lin or is this something new? If it is can you help us out and tell where you got that from?lol!

Yet Another Boring Desktop Cube …](

Or not?

I wonder, if somebody finds out, what is the really unusual thing about this cube, …

Hint 1: “Long time” KDE users should be able to see it, if they have a close look

Hint 2: This will not even work on most other distros, but if I tell you why the solution will be too easy.

Here’s mine:](](
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I give in, do tell :D.

Oh hang on, is that a floating bottom cube end, or a 2nd cube?

No, it’s not “how” the cube looks but rather it’s existence, which is the odd thing.

Desktop Environment is … (that’s why I said “long time KDE users”) … KDE 3.5.10

But the cube is not from compiz … it’s from … KDE 4.X (which one can see from the picture on the top and bottom of the cube).

And this only works on openSUSE without problems, because openSUSE is the only distro still offering KDE 3.5 and 4.X in their official repos.

Now I leave it to you how this works, just a hint, it’s a one liner on the console.

P.S. Of course this can only work if KDE3 and KDE4 are installed.

I had (for a fleeting moment) wondered if that was KDE3 because of the square edged destop pager, but then dismissed that thought because of the logout/lock buttons and modern KDE4 style menu button - rats! :wink:

When you said “long time”, I was trying to think what was different back in KDE1 or 2!

Still, great that you can do that.