September 2008 Screenshot Thread

Just moved to kde 4.1 on my new machine (see sig) :smiley:](

New DT for September rotfl!](

Nice Desktop geoffro
heres my 4.1](
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Thanks yous too.
What is the monitor widget that you’re using?

it is one i downloaded from kde-look the name is kopem which i edited to suit me of course then compressed it to zip then changed the extension to .skz so it will work by adding it to desktop widgets instead of using superkaramba dang that seems like alot of typing rotfl!

Mine for the month.](

Here’s my Desktop running KDE 4.1 with the Emerald theme and Golden Ripples as my wallpaper.

P.S. How do I make a preview of my picture as you do?

our brand new E17 with the latest ‘bluesteel’ theme and original ‘vixar’ font (user can customize it via Configuration Panel).
animated background (‘magic’ lower right corner, heh),
animated menus,
animated icons in EFM (Enlightenment File Manager),
(btw we can use animated icons all the way)
our shelf/panel could be autohidden,
we can have a separate wallpaper for each workspace/(virtual desktop)
how about that? :slight_smile:](

P.S. yes, we placed our pager right on the desktop and can resize/move it all the way up’n’down…
P.P.S. E is darn fast and uses much less PC resources :slight_smile:

almost forgot:
E can deal with composite (bling module for example, or xcompmgr, or…)](

Just mine, nothing special but i am loving this distro :slight_smile:

KDE 4.1.1 came with some new bling some works some don’t](](
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The screenshot is a bit old, but everything is still the same.


Wow, I love your wallpaper

Nothing special as always.
Wallpaper is a photo taken at dawn in windy city Chicago
Taken at rear windshield while driving back to Toronto a week ago.](

Here’s mine for September with KDE 4.1 …](

Here’s mine. Not much changed since last month, except the wallpaper I think.

openSUSE 11, with KDE 4.1 on a relatively slow pc](

still 64bit 10.3 w/kde 3.5.9

Nice :wink:
Nice greens, clean, minimalistic, I like it.

here is mine for today, Running KDE 4.1 and loving it but still a bit buggy. I’m running Qcd, my favorite music player on Windows and it runs perfect on wine. So the best of both worlds rotfl!

Picasa-webalbums - ralph - Varia

Ps. I love the new Lancelot menu</img>

i love your wallpaper, where did you get it from?