Seperate X Window ~ Twin Games Guild Wars

I am looking to allow both my boys to play a game on the same machine with Dual Monitors, & nVidia Graphics Card. I have the nVidia Drivers installed an setup properly. The game loads with Wine with out issue. Now I want to set up so 1 copy can run on Screen 1, and a second copy can run from screen 2. I would like to do this from the same LOCAL SYSTEM Game Account. I have a copy of the folder containing the game in a second folder.

Any Ideas?


Just a thought, is it possible to setup my dual screen system with 2 Keyboards and Mouse and setup 2 Log-in Screens? Dedicate 1 login screen to 1 monitor?

I am running a Dual Core AMD running 2GB ram and a 1G nic. An with what my boys do, there is plenty of power to run them both at the same time if its possible to spit this system into 2.