Separate Categories?

Hello all. I’m wondering if maybe it’s time to separate forum categories such that Tumbleweed has it’s own (sub) category on the forums. Much time is spent for some time filtering out each support question such that Tumbleweed, 15.0, 15.1 maybe don’t always apply when looking for help on the forums. While numbered versions vary only slightly with respect to versions for drivers, compilers, etc. very often it seems Tumbleweed is ‘a cut above’ due to ‘bleeding edge’, advanced character of the spin. What does anyone else think? Take Care.

    • -rob

Fair comment :wink: In the Advanced search you can select the;

Here you can refine your search and select the openSUSE release with the ‘prefix’ dropdown, use the control key to select multiple releases and exclude Tumbleweed.

Wow! That was quick. . .but this community — and @Malcolm in particular — =always helpful/informed. I’ve used ‘advanced’ search previously, and simply did not notice. I’m lazy because openSUSE works so good :wink:
In any event, thanks. Will have to get that into my forum workflow habits from now on.

      • rob