Sensors in the widget source list

I am not sure where to look for the problems source hence this post:

  • sensors is working fine and shows both the main sensor chip with the voltages and mb/cpu temp/fans as well as the 2 coretemp-isa-0000 and 0001.

  • analog meters (a KDE 4 widget) can be setup to show all kinds of sensors, I got 3 setup, 1 to show MB temp and 2 to show core 0 and core 1.

Now about 50% of the times after a bootup the 2 analog meters that need to show the 2 cores show nothing. However sensors still shows them fine. Going to the settings of the analog meter and selecting configure shows the list of all possible sensors and the 2 core’s are no longer listed, MB temp/volt/fans which are from the primary sensor chip are still listed.

Logging out of KDE and back in again will make them show up, I don’t see this as an error from the analog meters but feel it’s more like something gets loaded a fraction to late thus won’t show up in the list.

Problem is I got no clue where to look, when/who/what populates the list with possible items that can be monitored.