Sensors broken since last update

I’m using the it87 driver for AN AMD Ryzen and it was working well until the last update for Leap 15.

Sensors updated from 3.4 to 3.5 and now it says my CPU is running 90° below zero. It also has my CPU fan running at 400 RPM causing my system to overheat. The only option I have now is to disable PWM in the BIOS and let me CPU fan scream at full blast which is extremely annoying. For some reason OpenSUSE completely ignores the custom pwm configuration in the bios. I have spent hours trying to figure out a way to stop the kernel from controlling pwm to no avail.

I have tried downgrading sensors back to 3.4 and it still has the problem. I was going to just abandon LM sensors all together and just read out the CPU temperature with a bash script based on the fan RPM and the BIOS pwm configuration but the dang system somehow thinks it should lower my fan to the minimum setting and ignore the BIOS all together.

I’m out on ideas. I also would rather not have a hair dryer sitting three feet from my head but my CPU fan is either minimum or maximum. Nothing in between. How can I get it back to working the way it was 2 days ago before the stupid update?


Out of frustration I gave up and just rebooted the system and I don’t know what I did but it just started working again. I really wish I knew which troubleshooting step it was that fixed it but I’m happy it’s fixed. I’ve locked the 3.4 sensors so it will not update again. Hopefully I will not have to deal with sensors for a while. It’s been a major headache trying to get sensors working with a Ryzen.

Updates change the disk image of a program but does not change what is currently running. ergo you need to restart things to make things work right. You can see what is needed to restart with zypper ps. For user space programs logging out and back in will restart them. For system level you need to use systmctl to restart though in general rebooting is easier

Yeah, I know. I had rebooted several times over two days while trouble shooting. It wasn’t until I gave up trying to fix it that I rebooted in order to completely disable PWM so I didn’t fry my processor that it came back up and just worked. I have no idea what I did to make it work. It just started working. I have rebooted several times since then and it still works fine. However update keeps bugging me everyday telling me that there’s an update to sensors. It’s locked but still warns me. I wish I could get update to ignore it. :man_shrugging: