Sending FAX via email


I would like to send my CV which is written in PDF form to a company via FAX. I found that the program that can do that job is FaxMail. But FaxMail demands to configure sendmail in order to operate properly. I am not using sendmail because I know that this program is used from big companies that have their own domain name and e-mail servers, I just use Gmail. Is there any alternative? Or is there any way to configure sendmail without having a domain name?


PS:FaxMail sends fax via e-mail. This is the point. I know that there are many clients fox FAXing in linux but they use FAX-modem. I would like to send FAX via e-mail.

As far as I know you need a Fax-modem it’s the modem you need. What you can do is use an intermediary i.e Free Fax • Free Internet Faxing

Try something like text to fax for free in google. If you look at the details Faxmail is using an intermediary anyway

I think this may be relevant. faxmail(1) - Linux man page it uses the hylafax-client, but doesn’t seem to be an openSUSE package. openSUSE does have sendfax. sendfax(1) - Linux man page this seems to be similar.

OK. Thank you for your answer.

Sorry, I must be missing something. If this company you want to work for has email, why can’t you email them the PDF of your CV? Anybody can read a PDF these days. Why do you want to go through fax?