Sending a Kmail mail from another account


I am new to OpenSuse. I used to use Ubuntu with Thunderbird for my mail. Now that I changed to OpenSuse and KDE I am trying to use the default applications. So I am trying to ‘underestand’ kmail. I think I almost got it, but still there is something I cannot do.

I have two email accounts. One of them is the default for sending messages, but if I want to choose the other account, how do I do it? I cant find anywhere except changing the default sending messages account.

I hope you can help me.

Thank you in advance!

I can get you started, When you are ready to send your mail click on the top left menu item “message” in the drop down you will see the “send mail via” and this will let you send it through one of your other configured smtp servers. I have been semi-successful using this method, sometimes I have had to fill in the “from” address to match what smtp server I am using. So in this respect it is a real hassle to use, maybe I am doing it wrong (shrugs).

BTW, I too have recently started to try and unravel the mysteries of kmail and korganize.

Hm, my idea is that this is not about different mail servers, but about different accounts (those could be to the same or a different server).

I still use old Kmail. But when I compose a mail, at the top, even above to To:, it says Identiry: and after it is a dropdown menu with my different Identities. Hope it is about the same in new Kmail.

So IMHO anika200’s solution works, but only if you have each identity on a different server.

That option does not seem to exist anymore as far as I can see. The only way I see to send any mail besides with the “default” account is to use the send mail via option which sort of simulates another user account/identity. I too am struggling to find the functionality that the op wants and is available in any other email client I can think of. It is probably right under my nose :shame:

I am using openSUSE 12.3 with KDE 4.11.1

Oh, i can see it. Thank you so much. I’ll be testing kmail a while. If finally I dont like it, i’ll go back to Thunderbird.

Thank you so!

BTW, is there any plasmoid to see the kmail messages or something in the desktop?

Please, as you can see anika200, who is using new Kmail couldn’t find it until now. You found it. Can you please explain him where, how, …??

One of the benifits of thesse forums are that wil hope to have problems with their solutions!

ahh ok I got it now, I had to actually add the “identity” item to the tool bar. It was not there at all by default here on my setup. To add the item I had to open the new mail window and right click an empty area in the toolbar and select “configure toolbar” and then add the “identity” button.

Thanks for the explanation. Some of those intuitive features I guess :sarcastic: