Send a piece of

This has nothing to do with Opensource but I thought it was hilarious up to a point where it would be possibly inacceptable NOT to let you know.
Of course this is a site currently of interest only in France and for people living there…but have a look.
A Frech farmer had nothing better in his mind then to sell good pieces of “ruminant-excrement” to be sent to anybody…you really love rotfl!
I am totally enthusiastic, and uttermost sorry that they do not deliver in neighbouring countries…they would get rich immediately.
The site is available here: LINK
Have a break … and a laugh.

Ps. Apparently currently this is THE hit between ex-fiancees.

Too bad I can’t send sh|t around the world to various people :stuck_out_tongue:

Easy, he should just establish franchises in each country and pass on international orders to the respective franchisee in each country. :wink:

Yes, but…do the foreign cows provide the same distinguished flavor? :open_mouth:

After all it is a “original French product”. lol!

BTW, they claim that the main problem was to dissuade local political opponents to send the product to each other.

Ah well, it suits the “buy local” patriots. :wink:

After all it is a “original French product”. lol!

Of course, if you want classy s***, you have to expect to pay more for it. lol!

priceless…thanks for posting!


Amazing . . . but understandable. Have to congratulate the fellow for some “out of the box” thinking . . . rotfl!

Now, there’s enough s*** where I work . . . :open_mouth:

Well, to your delight: now available for Switzerland and all European countries. So get your money ready :stuck_out_tongue:

Ps. I will not give you my address lol!

Vive la merde de vache française! rotfl!

Sarkozy surely would deserve one >:)
He would deserve much more still.