Semi-hang or partial freeze. KDE

Just a quick update, for anyone chancing upon the thread with similar issues. Unfortunately I have no revelations or even useful advice! :’(

Whilst addressing an entirely different issue on my parents’ machine I put a pci IDE controller card in to my machine, to test it. POST… Then POP! Dead! Nothing, NADA. Sigh! New mainboard time. Eventually found a fleabay bargain and installed it. Only to find that there was nothing wrong with the original and that it was the PSU that had died. Currently running with an old, no-name, cheapo, underpowered, PSU that I found in the shed, lashed up using only the 20 pins power line to the 24 pin socket , connected to the “new” mainboard.
And the random freeze-ups, hangs, scrolling issues etc etc have disappeared. I know that this is not terribly useful to anyone, but it IS possible that the old (very high quality, German engineered, equipped with "Over Voltage Protection ™ Over Current Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Over Power Protection, Short Circuit Protection, etc etc etc.) was on the verge of failure, and the install of the card was entirely coincidental, and that the PSU was in fact the original cause of the hangs etc. I doubt it but it is possible. Of course the other variable is the mainboard, but I doubt that too!

Sure it could if a voltage was marginally low an additional load could cause it to fall below spec and boom.

Sounds doomed from the outset IMO

I know, Caf. It would not be my choice or advice. But I am currently on £0.00p p/m income and £0.00p budget ATM. The mainboard was a good deal I think.

Gigabyte GA-MA74GM-S2H Motherboard rev. 2.0 AM2 AM2+ AM3 AMD 740G SB700 Chipset | eBay

As I mentioned above, my rig does not draw much, 1 HDD, 1 SSD, 2Gb Ram, Athlon X2 CPU, No CD/DVD ROM or graphics card, so I live in hope!

What are your thoughts on this?

One thing to watch
If you buy a 120mm fan PSU, make sure your case has said same exhaust point (most don’t) especially in budget brands.
Otherwise it looks fine
I use coolermatser FYI