I have just installed 12.1 64 bit, updated kde to kde 4.7.3 release 10, managed to akonadi from loading, disabled nepomuk from system settings, deleted strigi I do NOT use pim or anything like that, it is just a home setup. I use thunderbird for email etc etc but I keep getting this when I log in to kde:

I did not have this problem with 11.4

Also, where is the latest jre packages which I believe is update 29

Semantic Data Storage

Nepomuk Semantic Desktop needs Virtuoso RDF server to store its data. Installing the Virtuoso Soprano plugin is mandatory for using Nepomuk.

Your issue with akonadi/nepomuk is more of a general KDE problem than an openSUSE problem. With each release, the semantic desktop is more tightly integrated with KDE and is becoming harder to disable. The choice is rapidly becoming “live with it or switch”. Here’s a fairly current FAQ that discusses the system and methods and consequences of disabling it:

Common Nepomuk questions and answers

Oracle Java is no longer part of openSUSE. From the 12.1 release notes (located here):

Oracle Java Externally Available

The java-1_6_0-sun package is not anymore part of openSUSE due to a license change. We ship the OpenJDK build as a replacement. openSUSE users who prefer to use the Oracle JDK binary version over the openSUSE OpenJDK build, can download the Oracle version from Java Software | Oracle.