Selecting Plasma, LXDE, LXQT on login, not default, static config


I remember one linux installation, where I could select which Desktop Env I wanted to use, when I logged in. In my new installation, it seems the update-alternatives, is the only static, system wide solution. How can I configure SDDM - or any other display manager for that matter - so that I could switch between DE’s, per login, not as a static config.

Any pointers appreciated!


Display Managers normally offer this. Each in their own way. Is there realy nothing to click on to see it in the DM you use?
In a corner, at the bottom, a wrench?

I do not think btw that update-alternatives has anything to do with this, it being a user option, not a system option.

With SDDM, that is toward the bottom left of the login screen. Just choose the desktop. And it remembers the choice until you next change it.

Of course, if you are using autologin, then you don’t see that screen and you don’t get the choice. But, even then, you can logout which gives you a login screen. Then choose the desktop you want. And that choice should be used for the next autologin.