segmentation fault OpenSUSE 13.1 when mounting nfs4 with kerberos

Hi Everyone.

Trying to mount a kerberized nfs4 share on a newly installed OpenSUSE 13.1 X64 system spawns a segfault in rpc.gssd

kernel: 2490.543122] rpc.gssd[7680]: segfault at 20 ip 00007f0b88a58f5b sp 00007fffba45d360 error 4 in[7f0b88a40000+43000]

currently the bug i traced to libtirpc version. 0.2.3-1.1

you can obtain a working version from:
after installing that nfs4 mounting with kerberos works.

When can we expect it to be added in the Main Update repo?
right now nfs4 with kerberos is broken.


  • Tim

It works.

Thank you very much!!! :slight_smile:

Best regards

Have you filed a bug report? (, use the same username/password as here)

If the maintainers are not aware of that problem, there won’t be an update, ever.

PS: Found this: