segmentation fault, err 139

Hi folks!

I have problem with fortran script included in shell.
OS: Opensuse 11.1, fortran: pgilinux904.

Here's the output when this script stops to work:

./ line 92:  7514 Segmentation fault      ../exe/initbc.exe > initbc.out
value of err is 139

Any idea? Thanks!


There is not enough information in your post for getting any help. Please describe the problem in full details with enough background information related to the context of the post.

> Any idea? Thanks!

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instead, you have a better chance of finding an answer in:

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Prior to running the script, you may need to increase the stack size, then you may not encounter this error.

In the command prompt, just type the following:

ulimit -s unlimited

And then try your script again. I hope, it would work fine.

All the best.